Glengoyne Distillery Tour

by Steve Forrester

Glengoyne Distillery Tour

Last year I was fortunate to enjoy a tour of one of Scotlands finest but lesser know distillers. Glengoyne distillery.

The unusual thing about this distillery is that it sits on the very border of the Highlands whisky region, in fact it’s right on the middle of that border. The main distillery sits on one side of the road, firmly planted in Highlands territory however its main warehouses sit on the other side – in the Lowlands!

Glengoyne Distillery Site

The distillery was originally one of Scotlands numerous illegal whisky stills, taking refuge in the out of the way hills and plentiful water supply. In 1833 Glengoyne was legitimised as a distillery when it opted for to purchase a now more affordable Licence to distill.

During its first few years of legal production Glengoyne worked with authorities to help determine minimum standards, including the units of measure like 3 year maturation time. 

When you arrive at Glengoyne you are surrounded by lovely rolling fields. Park over by the maturing warehouses and pay attention as you cross the road!

You will hear the tranquil splashes of water coming from the small reservoir and waterfall. Tis really sets the relaxed mood for the site. 

Glengoyne Distillery Tour Water

If you opt in for the tour you will be greeted at the start with a sample of the Glengoyne 12. It’s a lovely and fruity single malt which is the mainstay of the Glengoyne offerings. With the rough hints of pepper and it slides into your belly you will be ready for a tour of the site grounds.

Glengoyne 12

Tours go for around 60 minutes and will take you through the production facility, including stills, wash-backs and warehouses.

Glengoyne bonded warehouse

The water source used to make this delight comes from nearby Glasgow and a local reservoir.

All the building are immaculately presented and the staff are knowledgeable, friendly and happy to help out anyone who may be a designated driver with a Drivers Dram.

Head over to the distillery shop and grab one of the limited bottling's. These are usually distillery only affairs, so grabbing your own cask filled bottle is a rare treat. 

Glengoyne Cask Edition Whisky Distillery Only

All the whisky made on site is stored in oak barrels, specifically ex-bourbon (presumably American oak) and Spanish sherry casks.

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed this tour as it was less busy that the more well known distilleries however I felt it was much more in depth.


Steve Forrester
Steve Forrester


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