Whisky is in our hearts every day!

Ok, I’ll just come out and say it. We have the best job in the world.

Sampling whisky everyday just to make sure that only best or most interesting reaches your hands– the only tough days are the days we have to travel…to new exciting distilleries.

We have travelled by air, sea & tram (yep) to some of the best distilleries in the world in an arduous journey to find, source and sample great new whisky just for you

Best tour ever: Strathisla - just saying. 

We Are Famous

You can also check out some of the great publications we have been honoured to be featured in: Venture Magazine,  blogs such as Absoluteleigh.com, oh, and in Steve’s mums work internal newsletter.


We have also helped many great new brands with hosting tastings at the Whisky Show and Whisky Live each year because we are just top guys (yes, it’s a hard life being a whisky sample subscription box).


At The Whisky Order we are just a group of whisky lovers who love to travel, find experiment with cool new products and have a laugh. We have family over in Scotland so you might even bump into us sitting in the International Departure lounge making the sales people in duty free feel uncomfortable with constant requests for a dance off.

This one time (at band camp) Steve went to Scotland just so he could check out The Balvenie distillery. After a massive car ride from Glasgow to the Speyside region he arrived at the distillery only to find out he hadn’t pre-booked a tour and would not be allowed inside. Steve was not happy and to this day only begrudgingly drinks Caribbean Cask because it makes him feel like a pirate.


CEO– The head honcho

Founder– The Whisky Order is his brainchild, it came to him in a vision over several drams, pints & boilermakers while touring Scotland.

Master Sampler– He knows the ins and outs of a bottle like none other.


The Wife - Does wife type things. 

Good with numbers  – This girl can play music on her calculator, she is that good!

Patience of a saint  – When Steve "has to sample" strange new whisky, she is very understanding. Except the next morning...she is waaaaaay to loud then. 


Fact 1– There were two Steve’s in The Whisky Order but only one of them spelled their name the right way (S-T-E-V-E-N), so we got rid of the other.

Fact 2– Combined we have sampled around 1000 different whiskies.

Fact 3 – Sarah cannot do a handstand, mainly because Steve pushes her over when she tries. It's kinda funny.

Fact 4– We love history!

Fact 5 – We have a castle – Torwood Castle is part of our ancestral home

Fact 6 – Well duh: We love whisky!


Now you have gotten to know us better

What are you waiting for?

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