Copy of World Whisky Tastings

Welcome to the World Whisky Tasting!

This month I am pleased to showcase some of the top (and lesser known) whiskies of the world. 

I have gone to great lengths to acquire some of these rare malts for you and I hope you enjoy them!



Glenora Distillery

The Glenora Distillery is located in Nova Scotia, Canada. Nova Scotia translation literally means "New Scotland". So of course being Scottish immigrants, they wanted to carry on their family's traditions. To do that, Glenora uses many traditional practices such as their copper pot stills. Water is one of the most important parts of whiskey production, Glenora was built in 1990 along MacLellan's brook that runs out of Cape Breton. Cape Breton is one of the very few places that traditional Scottish culture is thriving. They have the honor of being recognized as producing the first signal malt whiskey in North America. Glenora is also the world's first distiller to age a signal malt whiskey in icewine barrels.

Glen Breton - Aged 10 Years

Glen Breton - Age 10 years is the signature signal malt whiskey of the Glenora Distillery. This single malt whiskey is aged in American Oak for 10 years among the orchards of Cape Breton.
Nose: Hints of spicy citrus and honeyed-cream, with accents of earthy tobacco, and a touch of sweet maple.
Palate: Chocolate covered cherries, with nutty and fruity over tones
Finish: Smooth and long leaving with spiced apple

Powers Irish Whiskey

Powers Whiskey was established in 1791 in Dublin, Ireland. In 1975 the Distillery moved out of Dublin to Midleton, Cork, Ireland. That's where they are making their whiskey still today. They use a unique three pot still system to create their whiskey one pot for wash, one pot for feints, and one for spirit. Then most of the whiskey is aged in American oak barrels that are on their second or third fills. Next Powers uses a non-chilled filtration system to produce an unique and tasty product.

Powers Signal Pot Irish Whiskey - Signature Release

Powers Signature Release whiskey is distilled in Powers signature pot stills and aged mainly in American oak barrels. But some of the whiskey is aged in sherry casks to add additional flavors. Then the whiskey for both types of barrels blended together creating a wonderfully complex flavor.
Nose: Fresh herbs and sweet spices, followed by berries and vanilla
Palate: Starts with cinnamon and vanilla, turns into crisp green apple, and finishes with rich barely
Finish: Complex and long with notes of spiced honey

Hellyer Road Distillery

Hellyer Road Distillery is located on the Island of Tasmania, Australia. For those of you that do not know where that is: Tasmania is a relatively small island of the southwest tip of Australia. This distillery has a very unlikely beginning. It all started with a small group of local dairy farms that came together and built a distillery. Hellyer Road Distillery is now Australia's top selling locally crafted signal malt whiskey.

Hellyer Road - Original Aged 10 Years Australian Whiskey

Hellyer Road - Signal malt original 10 year whiskey is aged in American oak barrels. Those barrels started out their lives as bourbon barrels, which add traces of flavor to the aging whiskey. Premium Tasmania grain and pure Australian drinking water are crafted together into this non-chill filtered whiskey that is currently Australia's top selling local signal malt whiskey.
Nose: Citrus and vanilla sweetness
Palate: Lemony citrus with fresh herbal accents
Finish: Smooth and creamy with a lingering sweetness


Nikka Distillery

In 1934 the first distillery that produced Nikka Whiskey was built in Yoichi, Hokkiado, Japan. Today there are several distilleries and production facilities spread all across Japan. The distillery was founded by a Japanese man by the name of Masataka. In Masataka's younger years, Scottish whiskey captured his attention so much so that he traveled to Scotland to study whiskey making. He came home with a Scottish wife and began making his beloved whiskey.

Nikka - Nikka All Malt Japanese Whiskey

Nikka All Malt Japanese Whiskey is made in both the Youchi and in the Miyagikyou distilleries. It is made out of malted barley that is distilled in two different types of stills that are blended together to create distinctive product.
Nose: Complex combination of spiced vanilla, honey, crisp fruity notes, rich earthy tones and creamy toffee
Palate: Soft beginning with sweet cream flavors
Finish: Quick finish with hints of honeyed wood