Fathers Day - 4th Sept 2016

Get Dad something special this year

We have a range of options for you to really blow dad's socks off this year (the same socks you gave him last year. 

Select one of our great gift packs or maybe get him something that will last a bit longer like a 3 month subscription. 

I bought this for my husband for his birthday. I wanted something unique! Ordering was very easy, and customer service was very smooth, helpful, and lightening fast response! Can't beat that! Overall a great experience! We will be back in the future for our own purposes or for gifts when we need something unique!

by Michelle

3 Month GIFT Subscription 

The gift that keeps on giving! 

Treat dad to a monthly parcel of whisky goodness over the next 3 months. We curate the best whisky in the world and deliver it to him in neat little sample packs. 

Shipping is included and best of all.. you can never have too much whisky!

French Whisky Pack

Oh oui!

Strong in connection with it's kilt wearing cousins, the French have very strong ties to the Celts and Scot's who made the water of life famous. Best of all - they make damn good whisky.

Our French Whisky pack gives you 5 30ml samples of this amazing whisky from the shores of Brettany, France

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