Warenghem Distillery Tasting Flight

Greetings whisky lover!

We are pleased to provide you with something truly different in this tasting pack. 

While France is not traditionally associated with whisky, Brittany has deep Celtic ties to both Scotland and Ireland. Its rugged land and wild coastline makes it ideal for whisky production.

The delights that are featured in this tasting pack are brought to you by Warenghem Distillery.

We have been extremely lucky to obtain the bulk of Australia's supply of the limited edition: Maître De Chai. This single malt whisky had only a small production run of 1700 bottles and only 90 were imported to Australia.

Other delights featured are: Armorik Breizh, Armorik Classic and Armorik Double Maturation. To finish off your tasting enjoy a sample of the the Warenghem Elixir d'Armorique.

Distillery Information

Léon Warenghem founded the distillery in 1900. A keen admirer of Brittany, he worked successfully to help the region develop through innovation and local investment. The distillery has always been run by family and Léon’s son Henri took over in 1919. He continued with the work that had been done and diversified the business by moving into liqueur-making.

In 1967 Yves Leizour took over the distillery and teamed up with Paul-Henri, from the third generation of Warenghems. As part of their constant quest to improve their products and in order to benefit from the richness of the Breton soil, they decided to move the Distillery from the town centre to the outskirts of Lannion, on the site of the Rest Avel spring (whose name means “home of the wind”) which provided them with pure, clear water.

Production is made using two copper stills for long running double distillation. The product is matured in a bespoke maturation cellar for in-depth assessment on different types of barrels by a cellar master who is passionate about the search for aromatic balance.

Important Information

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This is a great chance to find your favorite french single malt and then enjoy a lovely discounted treat.

Tasting Information

Armorik Breizh - Blended Malt Whisky

A delightfully light blended malt whisky to start your tasting. At 42% ABV the whisky is delecate and soft as the wind. Winner of the Best European Blended Whisky (Word Whisky Awards 2013) 

Nose: Soft and mildly floral on the nose, with vanilla, malt and some caramel.

Taste: The taste is very soft and delicate. Mildly perfumy, and the floral notes from the nose carry over to the taste. Caramel and pepper.

Finish: The finish is warm with vanilla and a hint of maple syrup, oak and spices.

Armorik Classic - Single Malt Whisky

A marriage of sherry and bourbon casks of different ages, it highlights the quality of aging on the Brittany coast and the expertise of the master blender. Winner of several gold meals including Gold at the San Fransico Spirits Competition 2014

Nose: Very light and sweet notes on the nose

Taste: Taste is honey and malty fruit come first followed by notes of spice, vanilla and a light citrus

Finish: Finish is Medium fade of honey, fruit, malt and vanilla.

Armorik Double Maturation - Single Malt Whisky

Through a partnership with a local cooper (barrel maker), the distillery has sourced special oak casks made from the very forests around Brittany. Initiall resting in Chai barrels, this malt then is transferred to Sherry Casks to finish its second maturation session. It's non chill filtered and bottled at a lovely 46% ABV. 

Nose: Fruity and elegant, with beautiful notes of citrus and apple, all served with salted butter caramel

Taste: Very soft and round on the beginning, the complexity comes through with spices, light woodiness and ripe fruits. Good volume and creamy mouthfeel

Finish: Hints of heather honey come to the finish supported by warming malt and delightful marine notes

Armorik Maître De Chai - Single Malt Whisky


Maître De Chai is a limited eiditon, released in 2014. This batch has been limited to 1700 bottles wordwide. Personally selected by the Master Blender for its taste and quality. This single malt will amaze you for its compleity. Bottled at 46%. 

Nose: Brown sugar, treacle, spices and a prominent oak influence. The oak is quite prominent. 

Taste: More of that Oloroso deep sugar sweetnees, with subtle spice and smoke. Smoke from barrel char, rather than any sort of peating.

Finish: Medium bodied and very enjoyable. Slightly dusty but very moreish.

Warenghem Elixir d'Armorique - Whisky Liquor

A whisky liquor that has been enriched by herbs. A nice sweet treat to finish off a magnifique' tasting experience. 

Nose: Honey, medicinal with faint herbs. 

Taste: Sweet, tastes of cheeries, medicine and soft spices. 

Finish: Very light and faint tones of whisky and honey.