The Behemouth - Crystal Whisky Tumbler


Ok. This is it. This is one of those one of a kind glasses that people stare at, talk about and want all to themselves. 

For starters it's made out of .52kg of bohemian crystal straight from the Czech Republic. This bad boy is damn heavy. You know you have a REAL tumbler in your hands when you pick it up. 

It's just amazing to look at too. 

Sure a nice little Glencairn is amazing for tasting whisky. But.. they are fragile, delicate and a little bit wussy.

There is no messing around with The Behemoth, it's got a very wide mouth for sipping that nice single malt you have sitting in the cupboard. The sheer weight and size mean it's not going to tip over accidentally. Best of all - whisky looks so damn good in it. 

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